Streaky Bay Area School


Spanish is offered to students from Reception to Year 8 at Streaky Bay Area School. Students communicate with language, investigate how language works and gather an understanding of Spanish culture. Students currently attend 2 x 40 minute lessons per week.

Spanish is the 3rd most widely spoken language worldwide per person. Spanish is the dominant language in 21 countries worldwide, predominately in Spain, Central and South America. Spanish is also spoken by many communities within North America.

Spanish is an alphabetical language which allows speakers to transfer their knowledge and understanding to other closely related languages such as Portuguese and Italian.

Why learn a second language?

The National Statement and Plan for Languages Education in Australian Schools 2005-2008 highlights Learners:
* communicate, interact and negotiate within and across languages and cultures
* understand their own and others' languages, thus extending their range of literacy skills, including skills in English literacy
* understand themselves and others, and understand and use diverse ways of knowing, being and doing
* further develop their cognitive skills through thinking critically and analytically, solving problems, and making connections in their learning.
(p 3 National Statement and Plan for Languages Education in Australian Schools 2005-2008).

Learning a second language also allows students to gain a deeper understanding of:

* Beliefs
* Behaviour
* Change
* Community
* Culture
* Continuity
* Communication
* Diversity
* Interactions
* Identity
* Interculturality
* Interdependence
* Language
* World view
* Values
* Systems

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call Adrian Marsden on 86261202.