Streaky Bay Area School


Vacation Care is on again during the  holidays. I am looking forward to having the pleasure of your children’s company and working with you to care for them.

New enrolments are welcome. Parents do not have to be working for their children to attend. Vacation Care is held in the Year 8/9 rooms at the school. Opening times are from 8am to 6pm. Children from 4 to 15 can attend. When enrolling for the program you will need a Customer Reference Number (CRN) for the parent/caregiver and for your child/children from the Family Assistance Office which links to the Child Care Benefit (CCB) system. The daily fee is $40.00 for 10 hours of care or any part thereof. This amount can be greatly reduced by registering and receiving CCB percentage. Enquiries and telephone numbers to register for CCB can be done online at or telephone 13 61 50.

I have organised lots of fun cooking and craft activities for the holidays. Activities include outside play on the oval, playground, courtyard or in the gym; a wide variety of art and craft activities; library visits; cooking; Lego, board games, jigsaws etc; science activities, dancing and listening to music; dress ups; DVD’S; 8 ball; puppet shows; and PS2 and computer games. We have purchased some new Dvd’s and PS2 games (as well as some donations) for the children to enjoy. 

It is very important that you send your child along with a water bottle, hat, covered shoes, a healthy lunch and snacks and preferably a bag to keep their possessions/craft work in.

Please book your children in beforehand rather than just turning up. As our numbers have increased so much it is now imperative that you book your children in as we will likely need to organise a second carer on some days.

 Please ring me on 86261631 or 0427618188 to make a booking.

Rosemaree Skelton

Activity Timetables

December 18 2017 - January 5 2018

January 8 - January 19 2018     

January 22 - January 25 2018